Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Three Bears for Safe Births

These little guys got delivered to Grace today to be put into Safe Birthing Kits for Craft Hope's Konbit Sante service project.

"Weeeheeee! We're goin' to Haiti, baby!"

"Ready to go!"
Grace was kind enough to coordinate our local homeschool group's putting together five Safe Birthing Kits for the project, sew the tote bags all the supplies will go into (above is the tote she made for me for our trip across country), and mail everything off. Kit made two adorable little knit zebras. Maria made receiving blankets, and Christin and Paige contributed the rest of the supplies.
Thank you, Grace, for bringing this project to our attention, and getting it all together!

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  1. They are all boxed up for the night and will be on their way tomorrow. Thanks for helping me make the 5 kits.