Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Just Irritating

I just got an e-mail from Dean over at Dean's Beans. For those of you who don't know Dean and his crew, this is the group we get our Fair Trade organic coffee beans from. You know, that incredibly fabulous blend of beans that all the ladies swoon over when they come for Tuesday Homeschool Meet-Up. A nicer bunch of folks you'll not often come across in the coffee world. They guarantee their growers get a fair price for their coffee, support sustainable organic agriculture, work on community projects in the villages where their growers live, and still manage to sell us coffee at a decent price. And, to top it all off, Dean himself played a drunken pirate in one of the Pirates of the Carribean movies. Can't get a higher recommendation than that.

So, Dean and his crew do good works. He was called by PBS Biography offering to do a show on him and his group and the good works they do. Sounds great! Being spotlighted for being a social entrepreneur, bringing attention to an important issue for growers and coffee drinkers alike. What could be better?

But, it would cost Dean $22,000. Really. He would have to foot the bill to get his bio done.

Read Dean's letter here, and tell me if that isn't the most rediculous and disheartening thing you've read...at least in the last 24 hours...


  1. Gosh...I must be so naive. I had no idea that people had to pay for bios and/or awards. That is crazy talk. Here I thought the awards were on merit alone. Seems kind of "shady".

  2. That is the saddest thing! I had no idea! :(