Monday, February 28, 2011

Three Bears in the Kitchen

William decided this evening that he wanted to cook dinner for the family. Thomas and Michael jumped right on board as his assistants. On the menu: spaghetti with marinara sauce, mixed vegetables, and fruit cabobs.

William stirring the pot.

Thomas rinsing the pasta.

Michael skewering the fruit.

The final presentation. Nice!
It was a good meal, made even better by the fact I got a break from cooking!

Thank you, boys!


  1. awesome team work! looks yummy! keep up the great work boys.

  2. Way to go, guys!

    I love the hat... but nearly as much as I adore that t-shirt! LOL... though not sure it'd have the same impact on one of my girls :)


  3. Hehe, YUM :) Good team work boys!!