Friday, March 22, 2013

A Good Day

Today William had his quarterly and annual endocrinology appointment.  Pediatric Endocrinology has a nice, new office serving Gwinnett, with all of the same lovely people we have come to know and appreciate.

Outside the new office

It was a good appointment, despite the dreaded blood draw.  William is now 5'1" and just a tad over 100 lb.  And, his A1c is the same as last quarter...7.7.  A good number for his age, though we'd like to get it just a bit lower.

Dr. Schultz was not able to recommend any changes to William's insulin dosing, since there didn't seem to be any pattern to his BG's.

No pattern

However, after a second gander, I was able to identify a subtle pattern, and went rogue with my own adjustment while we were waiting for lunch.  William has been participating in Pizza Hut's "Book It" reading program, and has reached his reading goal every month except one (December).  So, we went to lunch at Pizza Hut to redeem his prize.

Personal Pizza Coupon :)

Overall, a nice day....

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