Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Michael, as you all probably already know, is the mechanical/engineering genius of the family.  He takes a STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) class once a week at a local homeschooling co-op, taught by one of the moms in our homeschool group.  Usually Michael runs off to his class while I hang out with Grace with the other moms, but today I was the Parent Assistant, so I got to take some pictures.  And, lovely, it was an outside activity.

Today's activity was all about bubbles.  Actually, something to do with surface tension and light refraction and stuff like that.  But, it ended up with blowing bubbles, and that's what really counts ;)

Part one: using a variety of devices to determine which device could make the largest bubble.

Bubbles from straws (small)

Bubbles from bottles (rocked)

Tag this technique for next party

Next, what happens when you blow bubbles through a sock?

Sock bubbles???

Finally, the best part.  Trying to freeze a bubble with dry ice.

Please do NOT freeze your face off!!!

This was the trickiest trick to do, but when it worked it was really, really cool.

There is actually a frozen bubble in there

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