Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Spring!

It has been a tradition since our first year in our current home to have the kids color eggs and have an Egg Hunt in the front yard on Easter Sunday.  Even as they continue to grow up and begin to doubt the existence of Fabled Beings, they still love hunting eggs.

This year, Cousin Banana Bear was hobbling on crutches, thanks to a broken foot.  But, with a bit of help from the boys, she managed to collect some eggs.

William, Banana Bear, Thomas & Michael: Ready for The Hunt

And, of course, the Egg Hunt presents a wonderful opportunity for noticing and capturing the usual signs of spring.


Hydrangia unfurling

Ornaments still in the Dogwood...okay, not exactly Spring-Like


Just a few drops

And, what is Spring without Spring Rain?  We had a brief, but impressive downpour before all of the eggs were found.

Hunting in the rain

Rain and trees on windshield

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