Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I started out trying to capture a few shots of a typical Park Day with our homeschool group. I realized I have few photos, and fewer posts, about some if the most common, and significant, moments of our family life---such as our weekly excursions to the park where we casually hang out with our peeps and socialize (I dislike that word, but feel compelled to tip my hat sarcastically to the ever-dredged-up "homeschooling socialization issue"). I quickly realized why I have so few photos. Because our family and group MO is for all the kids to scatter to the Four Winds and do their own collective things while the moms create a central "home base" for the check in. And, as most of you know, getting candid shots of kids in motion rarely yields satisfying results. Perhaps I need to bite the bullet and just start setting up posed shots. (Sigh)

Anyway, my endeavors did result in a couple of moments I am very happy to have captured.

S and Sweatpea

Mel sharing lunch with her tot.

Gaggle of T(w)eens

These are some of the kids my kids are being raised around.  Not a bad lot :)

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