Friday, April 5, 2013

Costuming Six - OPM

Not "Other People's Money", which is a financing/business term.

"Other People's Machines", which is what you end up using when your own sewing machine is giving you fits and you really want to get a project done.  So, my good friend, Grace, graciously lent me her sewing machine so I could continue working on Costume Number Four; this one an alteration of an existing dress, plus the accessories from scratch.

Machine kindly NOT jamming

Also, I was using one of David's favorite machines ... his coffee roaster.  Just because he's out of town on business doesn't mean people don't still need their coffee.  So, I learned to roast, and roast I did.

Hubby's machine

So, after a couple of days of juggling sewing and roasting (and all that other household and homeschooling stuff), the Fourth And Final Costume is DONE! 

Last Costume....DONE!

It's not my favorite of the bunch, because I really had to do some inelegant jerry-rigging to get the neckline more modest. But, with the collar on you can't really tell. I'm looking forward to seeing "my" costumes on stage.  Opening Night is just around the corner, April 12th!

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