Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Poetry at the Park

I think I've mentioned before what a wonderfully talented and creative group of women we have in our local homeschool group.  Today one of our moms stepped up and led a poetry workshop during Park Day.

Although trained as an archeologist, Grace is also a gifted writer and photographer.  In 2011 Grace posted on her blog "My Year in Haiku" one new poem (often with photos) each day, something I looked forward to enjoying each day of that year.

When she offered to lead a workshop to teach the kids about writing poetry, we jumped at the chance.

Grace and helper moms getting set up

Grace is savvy enough to know that you need to make learning new things fun and easy, so she had several "exercises" lined up, mostly involving group participation.

Gina helping out

There was also opportunity for individual creativity.

Thomas writing his masterpiece

And lots of one-on-one attention.

Maria pitching in

Afterward, there was plenty of free time for whatever the kids wanted to do.

Sarah and a gaggle of kids with SweetPea

I should mention that any time there is a "learning event" like this, whether it involves math, science, environmental studies, reading, or writing, it is left to each child whether or not they want to participate.  Most of the time, most of the kids join in and have a grand time.  Those who chose not to are not pressured, but given the freedom to do what they decide they want to spend their time on.

Cute baby picture...just because

Update:  After the workshop, Grace put together a Homeschool Gazette featuring the kids poetry written during the workshop, as well as art submitted by some of the kids.  Thank you, Grace!!!

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