Sunday, April 28, 2013

Da Judge

This afternoon was the final performance of The Crucible at New London Theatre, featuring Papa Bear (David) as Judge Danforth (Thomas worked the sound).  This was David's first appearance on the theatrical stage, and I believe everyone who saw the production would agree that he was fabulous.  The entire cast and crew worked their butts off and gave the audience a fabulous show, one that will be remembered for quite a while.

Papa Bear as Judge Danforth

But I think one of the best experiences for our family to come out of this production was meeting and getting to know all our new-found Theatre Peeps.  Everyone involved has been wonderful and supportive (and funny), and we've gleaned some new friends in the bargain.

Now that both Thomas and David have had a taste of the stage, I am sure we will continue to be a "theatre family."

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