Saturday, April 27, 2013

Cast Party!

Tomorrow is the final performance of The Crucible at New London Theatre, and somehow we ended up having the Cast Party at our house ;)

Being in Georgia where one can never really count on the weather cooperating, we put up our camping canopy on the driveway to protect our outdoor kitchen.  Our mondo triple-threat grill was plenty big to grill burgers, dogs and other meats for the entire cast and crew.

Judge Danforth grillin'

Since the cast included a number of minors, it was a "dry" party, so our usual box-o-wine was hastily put away in the pantry.  I didn't notice until later the ironic juxtaposition of the wine and diabetes supplies.

Sure that goes there?

The highlight of the party was the cake, en memorium of one of the greatest bloopers of the show.  When poor Mary Warren is being grilled by the judges, she is told, "God damns all liars, Mary!"  However, in a moment of fluster, the line came out, "God damns all Mary's!"

Blooper memorialized

Probably one of the tastiest bloopers I've ever eaten...

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