Thursday, April 11, 2013

Costuming Ten---The End

This is what it looks like when you did not alter your pattern correctly.


"Bugger" is what you say when you realize you don't have enough material to re-cut the piece you goofed up, and that you've wasted about an hour of sewing time prepping a piece you can't use.

On my way to the store to buy more fabric, contemplating how I was going to sqeeze an extra couple of hours of sewing time into my day so the shirt would be ready for Full Dress tonight, our actor called and let me off the hook.  He was sooooo grateful for the work I did on the vest and coat, and he'd heard from David about the botch, he called to say he was simply going to wear a white dress shirt and really did not want me to spend anymore time on the costume.  I graciously accepted the opt-out.

So, I am officially DONE the day before Opening Night!

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  1. ....and the costumes were GREAT...