Saturday, April 6, 2013

Costuming Seven---Emergency

Okay, so I only thought I was finished costuming.  Friday night I got a text from David from the theatre giving me a heads-up.  They had a "Costuming Emergency."

What is a Costuming Emergency?  That's when one of the actor's seamstress fails to make the costume by the deadline (which was on Monday), and is not going to be able to actually make the costume before Opening Night. 

So.....material and the pattern were dropped off, and sorted the pattern pieces and got ready to cut.

Then, checking the measurements of our actor to verify which size to cut, I realized our actor was larger than the largest size of the pattern allowed.  Trying not to panic, I called up my mom, who is an experienced costumer, and she explained the process for enlarging a pattern.

You can't simply add a few inches (seven to be exact) to the side seams of a garment.  You have add the inches to the body each piece, from the shoulder-line down to the hem.

I used plastic bags as filler to enlarge the pattern pieces.

And got to cutting.

It worked great!

Except for the pieces that were too wide for the fabric...

Hmmm.... I'll have to deal with that later....

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