Friday, August 9, 2013

Not Normal 7/20

This has been an unusually wet summer, even for Georgia.  Though I personally LOVE the rain, and don't mind having a good downpour every couple of days, the big drawback is the resulting proliferation of bugs.  Just about every bug we've got, we've got more of this summer.

So, one of the projects undertaken to get a handle on the bug population (and, specifically, the nest of yellow jackets that attacked me), was moving the camper off the drive and cleaning up all of the leaf debris that has been collecting under and around it.

Clean Up
Once the yellow jackets were located and eradicated (the little buggers!!!), it was time to start shoveling up debris, a job David and Thomas mostly handled.  Michael was helping out, but got a bit distracted by some of the "wildlife" they were uncovering.

"Look what I found!"

Mostly, he was fascinated by these guys:

Not a normal sized worm!
This was just NOT a normal sized earthworm.  It stretched out to about 12 inches in length.  Michael kept a few of them to be refrigerated and used on our next fishing trip.

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