Saturday, March 22, 2014

He Thinks He's A Dog

This is one of our two brother cats.  They look almost identical, but this one happens to be BooBoo.  Due to the naughtiness of his brother, Bagheera, both cats have been mostly confined indoors for the past month or so.  (Bagheera had been stealing into a neighbor's house through their cat door, eating their cat's food, and terrorizing the timid little creature.)

During cold, wet, and icy days, both boys have been perfectly happy to stay inside.  Mostly.  But, once we got a day of spring-like weather, they both bolted outside at the first opportunity.  And, who could blame them?  We moved our morning literature read-aloud to the back deck to enjoy some sunshine and fresh air while we feed our brains, and the cats joined us.  While the human boys wrestle over who gets to lay in the hammock first, the cat boys spit over who gets the dog bed.

BooBoo won the contest this morning.

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