Friday, March 14, 2014


Michael has Spring Fever almost as bad as I do, wanting just about every day to plant something outside.  As part of Spring preparations, and to give him something to put his outdoorsy energy into, I picked up a new bird feeder and seed.  Michael loves feeding the birds, and is pretty good about keeping the feeders stocked as long as I keep us stocked with seed.

But, as every bird-lover knows, where there's a bird feeder, there are squirrels.  I spent a few minutes today watching this guy perform acrobatics until he was finally able to get to one of the little doors to steal some seed.  What's really impressive is that this feeder is pretty close to the ground (only about three feet up), and we've got two hunter cats prowling the property.  The cats are pretty good at catching squirrels, even when the squirrels aren't distracted with stealing seed.

Brazen bugger ;)

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