Sunday, March 23, 2014

Seen in the Garden

We managed to spend a much-needed hour or so in the garden today, mostly tending to the much-neglected bulbs that are already faithfully putting up shoots and blooms.  Pulling away the bed of leaves which have kept them cozy all winter, I found this little guy. 

He was as surprised as I was.  And, being pretty chilly outside, was not moving very quickly.  Eventually he managed to stretch himself out and be on his way.

This is a better depiction of his actual size compared to my hand spade.

Not ten minutes later, I came across a buddy of his.

Later, as I was hunting for a hose to water the newly-fed and re-mulched bulbs, I came across this guy in the back yard.

No, he is no longer with the living.  At least the cats didn't bring him in the house.

And, why is it that every new garden hose, when you try to unwind it, ends up looking like this?

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