Thursday, April 24, 2014

Editing::New Client, New Homework

I have a new client, and as with Christin and Pete, this one is challenging me to develop my skills and do a bit of research on the side.

Cal has been giving two of our sons golf lessons since last October, and during that time he has also been developing his business as a private golf instructor. Now, in all honestly, I have never had the least interest in golf or learning to play golf. My husband plays from time to time, and has insisted that I would love the game if I just got out there and played it. I think he may have given up on me, and so turned his hopes for golf partners to our oldest and youngest sons. Thus, the golf lessons.

Cal is a genuinely nice guy, and I liked him the first time we met. I’ve mostly been the one to take the boys to lessons, follow up on homework, and communicate with Cal between lessons. And although I still don’t really have any interest in playing golf, I have gained a new appreciation of the game thanks to Cal’s enthusiasm, creativity in teaching, and passion for the sport. If I was EVER going to play golf, I would definitely take lessons from Cal.

When I found out he was developing a website for his business, I offered to proofread it for him gratis.  As with Christin, the offer of proofreading led to editing as well. But with Cal’s website, the job has grown to full-blown line-editing and co-development of content. And, it has required that I learn something about golf. Because you can’t write about something you don’t know about. So, I’m learning about golf. I’m not actually swinging a club or anything, but I have discovered that there is a lot more to the sport than what you see on TV. And I imagine playing a round of golf with Cal would be a very pleasant experience.

Cal and I have been enjoying a great working relationship, and have quickly come to appreciate one another’s unique talents and skills. We are both impatient to get the writing, editing and proofing finished so we can get the website up and live. I’ll post the link as soon as it’s ready. After that, maybe I'll even celebrate with a round of golf ;)

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