Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hobby Room Cleanup

This project has been in the "planning and getting there" stages for several months, and we finally got the gumption to get it done. All of Papa Bear's tools and handyman stuff had previously been in the garage (along with piles and piles of "stuff"), and we managed to get it all down to the basement where David built some workbenches. This weekend we managed to get the rest of the "stuff" out of the garage, move the kids' hobby tables into their new places, get the rest of the entertainment center put together (David even fixed the power outlet), and everything basically cleaned up and organized. We even got a little couch in there.

This is primarily going to be the boys' hobby and gaming space, but it will also double as an "indoor/outdoor" entertaining space.

After all of the work was done, we hung out in front of the house with the neighbors for a bit, enjoying our accomplishment and some good company.  We were briefly joined by Darwin and Blaster who both enjoyed a bunch of fresh clover.

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