Sunday, April 13, 2014

Prepared for Camping

Time for camping! It's been months (far too long) since we've taken the camper out for a holiday, but we've finally got a trip scheduled and are getting everything prepared. That includes, of course, popping up Popper and getting her fit for habitation. Unfortunately she seems to have leaked a bit during the last storm, so needed some cleaning up and curtains washed, etc. Michael was so happy to have Popper up and ready for use, he insisted on sleeping in her. He was joined by BooBoo.

Ready for sleeping in the camper.
Since Moon Shade Hollow is a perfect place for some archery (among other things), Michael want to take along his bow and arrows, but had not quiver. A bit of plumbing pipe, some fittings and a strap did the trick, thanks to Papa Bear's creativity.

Ready to hunt dinner?
Along with the usual stuff like food and sleeping bags, I also want to be sure to bring along some reading and study material. Since my laptop is pretty much grounded, I was able to get all of my books, binder, notes, pens, etc. into one bag.

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