Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Editing::Writing Retreat at Moon Shade Hollow Day 2

Last night, I set out my game plan for today. Craig had the punch list I make up for him and was ready for some serious (squirrel!) work. I had a few administrative things to attend to, but most of the day was dedicated to rewriting the new material Craig was creating.

Morning view from the Dock

But that doesn't mean I couldn't take a bit of time to myself to enjoy paddling around the lake before I got to work this morning.

The Dock

We got a LOT of work done. Kit and I drove to Lawrenceville to attend an Xperience Connections networking event hosted by Carole Cheatam while Craig stayed "home" to continue with his homework. It was my third meeting and Kit's first. Kit's presentation was met with enthusiasm, and we both made some nice connections.

By the time we got back to Moon Shade Hollow (about 11 pm), Craig had finished 3/4 of his homework and was taking a nap.

The Big House

Tomorrow will be a full, uninterrupted (I hope) day of writing, rewriting, and editing. My goal is for the manuscript to be complete by the end of the day so we can spend Thursday doing a full readthrough with notes.

Fingers crossed.

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