Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Editing::Writing Retreat at Moon Shade Hollow Day 3

Work, work, work. That's all I do around here. ;)

But, seriously, Craig and I spent nearly the entire day in The Little House with fingers flying over keyboards and mice flashing across pads. (Well, Craig is working on his laptop, so technically he doesn't have a mouse.)

We did take a short break to visit the dock before the rain started in earnest.

The rare and illusive Mo, captured on film for the first time in years.

With Hurricane Harvey finally breaking up and moving out of Texas and surrounding areas, Georgia got a nice, quiet, steady rain. It wasn't until after sunset that the rain became solid enough to make a delightfully comforting, steady sound on The Little House's roof.

(That's not actually the moon, but looks kind of like it.)

Oh, yeah. Work. Craig finished his homework, and I managed to get all of the new material incorporated into the manuscript (Hawaii was a bitch and took more than her share of my attention.)

The sole agenda tomorrow is a complete read-through (or as nearly as we can manage) of the manuscript with me making corrections and notes as we go. The next phase once I return to The Real World is a full edit.

I feel I should mention that Craig has been the "wife" on this working vacation. He did all the meal planning and shopping in preparation, and has cooked every meal since we've been here and cleaned up after half of them.

My nemesis

To my credit, I did manage to figure out how to use the intimidating and poorly designed coffee maker, and I walked up to The Big House to fetch some ground coffee. (Why is it "ground coffee" indicates "before brewing" and "coffee grounds" indicates after brewing? They're the same bloody words.)

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