Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lazy Beef N Taters

2 lb cubed beef (frozen works just fine)
2 pkg onion soup mix
2 big taters
1 big onion
1 sm pkg frozen green beans

Grab your large, deep pan with a lid (non-stick is best) and dribble a little olive oil in the bottom. Plop in the cubed beef, cook it til no longer pink in the middle, toss in one package of soup mix and some liquid (white wine works great especially if you happen to be enjoying a glass while you cook). Meanwhile, cube your taters and onions. Once the beef is done, toss in the onions and taters, and the 2nd package of mix, stir it all up, and put the lid on. When the taters are mostly done through, toss in your frozen green beans and cook with the lid on til done.

Wasn’t that easy? Talk about some comfort food…. Sorry, I don't have a pic for you, but it was actually really tasty.


  1. That sounds yummy! Are you talking about the kind of beef for stew?

  2. Yep, we usually get stew beef from Costco, package it up in 1 lb servings and freeze it. :)