Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Orlando Vacation Part II, Day Seven

The “work” part of Papa Bear’s “working vacation” kicked in. He had meetings all day, so the Cubs and I were on our own. Did a little swimming in the pool after breakfast, then up to our room for deli (delivered) and some phone calls. The rain in Georgia hit the two feet mark (since Friday?!?), and some of it continues to invade our basement. While waiting for lunch to be delivered, I talked to our insurance agent, filed a claim with our insurance company, and touched base with friends and family in our area.

BooBoo and Brother Bear at the beach.

I took the kids to a local beach for a bit. There were lots and lots of live sand dollars in the sand where we were wading.

Boo tried chasing down a few pelicans in the water, but was not successful (probably a good thing). In his typical style, Brother Bear managed to charm a young lady who arrived with her family shortly before our departure. Amazingly, he was reticent to leave, but our time had expired.

Papa Bear was back in our room by the time we arrived, and then had to leave for a dinner meeting. I ordered pizza for delivery to our room, and Brother Bear had a great time tracking our order from beginning to appearance at our door. I don’t care what anyone says about Domino’s Pizza, their website ordering is cool.

During our evening check-in with our neighbor, we found out M and recruited her teen-aged son and his buddy to haul our couches out of the basement and squeeze them into our very crowded garage (I can’t even imagine they found the room). She also spent several hours with a rented carpet cleaner sucking water from her basement carpet and ours (isn’t she the loveliest?). I drop-shipped three large bottles of Sol-U-Mel to her, ‘cause I figure between our two basements we’re gonna need a LOT of de-odorizing. Papa Bear has decided we’re going to tackle reclaiming our basement ourselves, rather than pay for a professional crew (estimated uninsured cost $1,000), so we’re going to need all the deodorizer and de-fungifier we can get. Maybe I should order some Sol-U-Guard while I’m at it…

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  1. Whew. WHAT an awesome neighbor! I feel like thanking her, too! Good luck with the basement.