Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Orlando Vacation Part II, Day One

So, Orlando. Our first trip to Orlando didn’t work out so well, what with T-Bear’s ER visit and subsequent hospitalization. But, we had pre-purchased tickets to Disney and Sea World which we were not able to use the first time around, and we kind of wanted to use them. ‘Cause they’re really expensive. Papa Bear has a business meeting (snort) in Ft. Myers next week, so this was a good opportunity to slip in another Florida trip. So, off to Orlando.

So, a seven hour trip in a rented minivan. Much roomier than our Tacoma, more comfortable for everyone, and less “touching” of children made for a fairly bicker-free drive. Nice. Split our listening time between The Blue Collar Comedy channel (satelite radio is interesting) and iPod selections. Our hotel room was gratis, thanks to Papa Bear’s copious collection of AmX rewards points (business travel does have its rewards - heehee). And, thanks to Papa Bear’s frequent stays at Marriott hotels for business (coupled with a reservation mix-up), our one-room-with-two-queen-beds was upgraded to a two-bedroom-suite-with-kitchen. Sweet (heehee). The kids have their own room with TV and bathroom, we have our own room with TV and bathroom, and a nice common living room and dinette with a third TV and hide-a-bed couch. If that sounds like a lot of TVs, it is. But, sufficient space allows for much lazy lounging, which I am enjoying at all possible opportunities.

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