Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"Say hello to my leeetle friend!"

BooBoo started building this water bomb cannon grappler thingy a couple of days ago, which has been through a few design changes. BroBear helped him perfect the design and finish it up today.

The general idea appears to be launching three water-filled aluminum canteens with a line attached to them, up and over a tree limb, and have the weight of the canteens pull BooBoo up into the tree. It hasn't quite worked out. Yet.

Lookin' down the barrel of the cannon.

Three water-filled bombs taped together.

"Sight" on the top.
It's a very good thing BooBoo is so independent in putting together his projects, because I'm really not that great at this type of thing. At least this one did not involve fire.

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