Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What Homeschooled Kids Do All Day

Physics lesson for the day.

BooBoo Bear jumped right up with a huge grin on his face, laughed hysterically, and tore back up the stairs for another go, to the applause of his brothers. The ship, however (affectionately named P1), is still in the shop for repairs.


  1. Hi, you've gotta love boys!

    I've just come to visit your blog after a friend sent me a link to your assessment post. Took up the invitation to stay and browse a while (minus the wine, it's just after breakfast time in Australia). I enjoyed the insight into your family, and look forward to reading future posts. Thanks!

  2. OMG I would've been freaking out! Way to go Mum :) I am so not showing this to my son ;p

  3. Welcome, Butterfly! It's nice to see you here. Are you a friend of Kez?

    Kez, I should specify that there was a pile of empty cardboard boxes at the bottom of the stairs which is difficult to see in the video. Also, the boys are pros at this, having done it several times before...whenever we've got an interesting box sitting around :)