Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hobby Tables

So, once we had permanent shelving in our pantry, we had a bunch of "temporary" shelving needing to be put to good use.

Temporary shelving waiting to be put to good use.
So, Papa Bear got it into his head to build some hobby tables for the Cubs, using the shelving as a base for each table. The tables for Brother and T-Bear would be two shelves tall...

Two-shelf tall base.
...and the base for BooBoo Bear would be one shelf tall. 'Cause he's shorter. Papa picked up some heavy-duty plywood, which he cut into a large "C" shape and then secured to three sets of shelves for each table. Brother Bear drilled most of the holes through the plywood and shelving, and BooBoo helped Papa secure the tops to the top shelves with carriage bolts.

BooBoo bolting.

Detail of underside attachment.
Then Papa set BooBoo to primering each of the table tops.
Three tables being primer by Booboo...

...wearing roller skates.

BooBoo's table ready for color.
Each table was then disassembled, hauled down to the Imagniarium (formerly known as the basement), reassembled, and then painted with each Cub's NFL team colors (painting was overseen by Mama Bear).

First layer of color.
Papa Bear added contrasting color, then decals for each NFL team.

BooBoo's Cardinal table.

T-Bear's Falcons table.

Brother's Packers table.

The final touch...a stool.
So, there we have it. Spectactularly large and useable hobby tables for each Cub in the Imaginarium. Every boy's dream. And dad's, too...


  1. Absolutely fantastic idea and great job!

  2. Wow, they look awesome! Well done to all the bears :)

  3. Great job David...and Mo...and boys. Great as regular old desks with storage beneath too! Once we decide on the space, I'm going to copy this. Thanks~!