Sunday, December 13, 2009

Evolution of A Pantry

We live in a very nice little home built in the 1970's. As much as we love our little home, and as perfect and we feel it is for this stage of our family's evolution, there is one distinctive drawback to living in a 1970's home that is difficult to overlook, and that is storage space. The closets are tiny. The laundry room (if it exists) is tiny. The pantry (if you have one) is tiny. So, when Papa Bear embarked on a mission to revamp our home about two years ago, part of the revamp included the relocation and expansion of the pantry.

Here's what used to be our pantry, which is now our cleaning supply closet.

When the new upstairs laundry room was finished, the original laundry room off the kitchen became the new pantry. We've had temporary shelving in there for a couple of years.

Papa Bear started installing permanent shelving yesterday.....

...and finished up today. After loading up the new shelves...ta da...a new pantry!

Now, to finish the floor in there...

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  1. wow. it's like your own little shopping center. i'd love to have that kind-of space.