Monday, December 7, 2009

Tree Trimming

It was a two-day gig this year. We picked up the tree on Saturday afternoon...

Papa Bear attempting the usual trimming of the stump... BooBoo Bear watched.

The handsaw just was not cutting it,
so out came the powertools...
...which inspired a larger audience.
And, finally, the levelling of the tree by Brother Bear.
Day Two...

T-Bear workin' the ornaments.

BooBoo Bear trimming.

Our traditional break-proof ornaments...

And, my favorite traditional Bride's ornaments,
which only go up top where the cats (and kids) can't swat them off.

Papa Bear topping the tree.

Counting down...

The tree in all its glory.

And, the final touch...the train.

Boo's in charge of the railway.

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