Sunday, December 13, 2009

Rolling Marbles and Sliding Tiles, Part Two

So much for the Rolling Marbles part. How ‘bout the Sliding Tiles?

You know those kids’ games where you’ve got a bunch of tiles fitted into a flat framed surface, and you have to move them all around until you succeed in making the picture? Each time my kids play the “Finding Nemo” game and come to one of the sliding tiles puzzles, they beg me to solve it for them. I always manage to do it. But, the funny thing is, I can’t for the life of me figure out HOW I do it. I can’t “logic” my way to a solution, I just have to sit there and slide the tiles around until they all, suddenly, inexplicably, fall into place. Thank goodness my life is a bit more logical.

Recently hubby and I got a bug in our mutual bonnet and decided to rearrange the house. It was sort a wholesale redefinition of spaces and redistribution of furniture to accommodate said redefinition. As we were mentally working through how we were going to manage this feat, he said, “It’s like a Chinese puzzle.” Or, a sliding tiles game. Each move must be made in the proper order, everything will be sort of jumbled for a bit, until, suddenly, each room will be a comfortable, orderly, peacefully balanced space fulfilling its destined purpose. At least for a few months.

Our Sliding Tiles looked something like this: move all three kids into the old master bedroom, move the downstairs study into two upstairs studies, move the entertainment/media room from the basement into the living room, move all of the kids’ toys and projects into the basement, move the shelves from the pantry into the basement and build new shelves in the pantry, rearrange the dinette sans desk to make it more comfortable, and rearrange the family room to accommodate the Christmas tree. Of course, the devil is in the details, and there were, and still are, a hundred details to this rearrangement. We should be finished sometime next year.

So, what is the ultimate picture that is magically dropping into place? Well, aside from having each room fulfill its own purpose in a more comfortable manner, and a sense of overall peace and balance to the house itself, now, almost magically, there is a space for the kids’ Nana to come and stay with us as she recovers from surgery. There is now a spot in the new living room for a hospital bed where she can sleep and rest, on the first floor so she doesn’t have to negotiate the stairs, where she can have the kids sit and watch movies with her and visit when she wants, where she’s central enough to be checked on regularly and looked after as needed. Just a short walk to the powder room, the kitchen, and to the dining room. There’s even space for her dog. Papa Bear and I are both very impressed with ourselves at being so clever.

On to Part Three....

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