Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Travel Tradition

It has long been a tradition of Papa Bear’s to bring home a T-shirt or some other clothing item for each Cub from each city he visits in his business travels. Saves me from having to buy many shirts for the kids, and gives them lots of colors and themes to choose from as they dress in the morning.

But, it has now become a particular tradition for Papa Bear to visit H&M when he’s visiting LA and staying with Big D and Family. The first trip, he came home with some totally cool cargoes for each of the boys, which they are still wearing. This time around, he came home with not only cargoes, but also jeans and semi-dress shirts, all of which were awesome. At about $25 each, the cargoes are a pretty good deal, VERY well made with great details, and NOT made in China. It’s hard to beat that. And, there are now several locations in the Atlanta area.

BooBoo in new shirt, cargo pants, and Mama Bear's boots.

Brother Bear modeling his new shirt, pants, and tie featuring pix of him as a baby. Cute, huh?

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  1. too cute. mall of ga has H&M!
    merry christmas!