Monday, October 3, 2011

Beautiful Pictures on a Beautiful Morning

Okay, maybe not the first one so much... ;)

This morning a tech came out to install a new windshield on the Sequoia, so all of the boys lined up sitting on the camper to watch. After a blazing, dry summer (even the weeds were dying!), the weather the past several days has been beautiful!!! Lovely, pleasant days, and sweetly cool nights. We even got the goose down comforter out!

So, here are a few shots of six beautiful boys on a beautiful morning enjoying learning something new.

Michael and Littleman (buddies!).

Babyman with bed head.

William with sleepies still.

"Where's The Pirate?" "Right here!"

William, The Pirate, Michael, Littleman and Babyman.

Same line-up. Thomas.

William and The Pirate.

A moment of surprise.

I love that these boys have the freedom to sit on a camper and watch something they've never seen before...unrushed, unhurried, completely immersed in the experience.

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