Sunday, October 16, 2011

JDRF Walk 2011

This is why we Walked today. 'Cause I detest these little buggers, and so does William. As much as they are vital to William's continued health and wellbeing, we all would be much happier if they were not in our lives.

And, a heartfelt thanks goes to Mimi for providing with this industrial-sized sharps container so we don't have to keep storing those buggers in recycled fabric softener jugs ;)

So, this was the second time our family and friends have participated in JDRF's annual Walk to Cure Diabetes. I have to give big hugs and thanks to Kitmama and S and their respective chitlins for coming out to Walk with us today, as well as to Christin for the loan of her wagon....which was definitely put to good use!

BabyMan rockin' the wagon.

Note small feets propped upon on JDRF t-shirts ;)

I also have to give big, fat hugs and smootches to EVERYONE who contributed and supported William in this year's Walk. First and foremost, for the second year in a row, Mr. Brad Van Hazel saw to it that Securitas' Global and National Accounts division commited $1,000 to JDRF's Walk in William's name. The rest of our family's Honor Roll of Donor, which darn matched Securitas' donation, includes:

The Bedard Family

Charlotte Tinker


Donna Kobzanuk

Faby Rodriguez

The Greer Family

Hannah and Uncle Bob

Harriette and Uncle LeRoy

Kelly Dayhoff

The Keith Family

Kimberly, Larry & George

Liz Geras

The MacDonald Family

Mary Gates

The Mills Family

Joanna Huenergardt

Terry Moore

The Shores Family

Thanks to everyone who contributed, William raised $1,920 for research committed to curing, managing, and preventing Juvenile Diabetes.

Some pix from the Walk:

William with the ever-present Rufus,

plus a new knitted friend in the backpack.

Sneaking a break...and some crackers....
in the wagon.

what young man wouldn't show up

where there's gonna be cheerleaders?

Guess-who-Doo showed up at the Walk?!?

Rufus reining over snacks and drinks.

The newest addition to the knitted family

of critters...a kitty named Alice.

Balloons. There were lots of balloons.

We stayed late enough to watch them

get cut free and float away.

Except for the ones we claimed and brought home...

Dimples and Funny Girl

attempting to manage their balloons.

Kitmama and Babyman.

A carrier, an oversided hat,

a front-backpack...

and more balloons!

Getting all those balloons home.

2011 Walk T-shirt....

and more balloons!

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