Saturday, October 8, 2011

The FESTY Experience - Day Three (Saturday)

Continued from Day Two...

Camping at The FESTY was one of the few times we have camped “primitive” with the camper – no electricity plug in, and no water hook up. Having the water tank on the camper was great, though the pump was not working…we just opened up the drain on the bottom and filled buckets with water. The battery ran lights at night, but the electrical outlets in the camper don’t work without a plug-in…which is a great benefit in many ways – no electronic gizmos while camping! As a result, the kids all found other things to do while at camp, including archery practice, reading, drawing, and in Thomas and William’s cases writing stories. I can’t remember spelling so many words aloud in one day!

So, after a morning of hanging out in camp, we wandered off to the FESY grounds again.

Intense artistic concentration at the Kids Zone.

Thomas chatting with a new buddy.

More climbing - a little perspective (William is on the right).

Kitmama had mixed up her special bubble mixture and hauled it down to the FESTY grounds for some cheap entertainment.

Kitmama's Big Bubbles.

Babyman's Little Bubbles.

As with all festivals, cash flew fast and furious at FESTY. I was a bit surprised there was no ATM on the grounds, and at the same time very grateful…we couldn’t spend any more than we had with us! Each of the Huey kids had come with their own pocket money, and William was the last to spend his, on…

...a yummy treat...


...a sporty hat!

As usual, I was the primary picture-taker, so there really aren't any pictures of me aside from this self-portrait I managed.

I am having a grand time. Really.

There was much hula-hooping going on all over the grounds, at various levels of proficiency. The best hoopers were hula-ing in time to whatever music was being played.

Hula-hooping joy!

William discovered a new band, Two Man Gentleman Band, and took Audience Participation to a whole new level. They are very funny, and worth checking out. So, go do it!

So, back to camp for dinner, and the kids found their own entertainment. The younger boys all congregated at the road to sell art…and rocks…to folks passing by.

"Rocks for a quarter, art for free!"

Yes, they were actually giving away their art, and selling rocks. Funny thing is, they actually made some sales! A couple of people bought some of their art for cash, and a couple bartered with stickers, light sticks, and even a light-up light saber. Just about everyone who passed by smiled or commented.

After dinner, I hung out at camp with the five youngest while Billy, Kitmama, David and Thomas headed to the grounds to enjoy some less-interrupted music. In addition to the Stringdusters, David was particularly impressed with Rubblebucket.

It was actually quite pleasant lying in the camper snuggled in a sleeping bag listening to the music from the grounds. Once the music was finished, however, we all somewhat annoyed with a few other campers with RV's who were running their generators all night. It was really kind of rediculous to be running a generator all night just to keep the front porch light on. There was even a pop-up further off, about the same size as ours, that had two generators running 24/7. They had five gas cans all lined up ready to keep them going. Very un-FESTY of them in my opinion.

More tomorrow...

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