Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Operation Sheep Rescue

File this one under "Random Occurrences at Park Day."

Just about every Tuesday afternoon, our local homeschool group meets up at a local park to hang out.  The kids run off in small packs (much like wild donkeys) to do what they do, reappearing only for sustenance, while the moms hang out under the pavilion and ... do what moms do when the get together.

Today, just prior to departure, it was brought to everyone's attention that one of the girls' stuffed sheep somehow ended up on the roof of the pavilion.

Michael, of course, had to come up with some way to rescue said sheep.

A moving strap in the hands of Cowboy Mike
Yes, that is a trash barrel he is standing on

Got the alignment just right...
...and pull gently.
It took a number of tries, and a few adjustments to his approach and execution, but in the end the sheep was returned to her grateful owner.

Happy Sheep Mama!

Go, Mike!

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