Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fort Daniel Archeological Dig

Yesterday we met up with Grace and Family and headed to the Fort Daniel archeological site. They were having an "open house" of sorts, and being an archeologist, Papa Scot seems to be in the loop on these things. The kids had a great time.

Young Archeologists digging in a trench.

T-Bear took up the task of sifting the soil from the trench...

...and almost immediately found shard of plate.

An established part of the dig, the remains of a building.

Teamwork: BroBear and T-Bear sifting soil.

BooBoo (dressed at a Messenger Parrot) checks out the "giant Lincoln Logs".

BroBear forming a brick from Georgia clay.

Sprinkle with sand to prevent sticking.
Experience with baking bread is a plus.

The empty form.
"Ft. Daniel 1813"

Plop the loaf into the form, and press down.

Level off with a wire.

Pop it out of the form.

BooBoo's turn.

Needs a little help with the pressing.


...and popped into a box to take home.
About two weeks of air-drying, and we'll have a brick ready for firing.
Only 9,999,9999 more to go :)

"Smithy", as the boys insisted on calling him.

Smithy's works.

Musket shot found in the "dig for treasure" area.

The young ladies learning skills essential to snagging a husband in 1813...sewing.

All the kids in varying degrees of 1813 dress.

An 1813 Beauty.
Also a 2010 Beauty...

Thank you, dear friends, for a wonderful day!


  1. Wow, that looks like so much FUN! What an awesome little event. What do the boys want to do with their bricks? Will they go into the garden?

  2. How cool is that?!? Looks like a really fun day. I especially love the kiddos all dressed up in their costumes.