Monday, May 3, 2010

Normal Stuff

Yesterday we celebrated a friend's birthday at the park. It was warm and WINDY!!! I don't remember winds that strong here since we moved from California. We had the usual fly-away plates, napkins, cups, drinks, grills, and clothing items (just kidding), but we were also able to enjoy watching some kite flying. One particular guy with a very large parachute-looking kite was just about taken off his feet several times by strong gusts. Our little birthday friend got a sweet little bike, Papa and I got to hang with some grownups, and the boys all had a great time.

But, my favorite moment yesterday was this...

T-Bear, Papa, and BooBoo returning from an Explore at the creek.



  1. What a sweet picture! Where in Cali did you live? Anywhere near the bay area?

  2. Hey, Meri! (I hope you get notified of follow-up comments when you've commented? Not sure how that works). "We" lived in So. Cal. - LA, Orange and Riverside Counties (we tend to be sort of migratory). During my mis-guided youth, I lived for about 1/2 year in Muir Beach and attended Tamalpais HS. Beautiful area. Wouldn't mind living in one of those quaint little beach houses again :) - Mo