Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Editing::Meeting Two

Had another great meeting with "my" author today.  I love saying that ... "my author".

Since our last meeting, Christin has been working hard at rewriting the prologue, and rewriting and fleshing out the first chapter (which will now be at least two chapters).  the primary focus has been on clarifying POV, though some story and character restructuring has been involved, as well as some style refining.  Having had taken more general notes during my last read-through, and having reviewed the revised prologue, we had a great conversation about further story points, character development, emotional weight of specific scenes, and overall style.  As always, Christin was very open to suggestions and specific input about style, construction, and flow.

One thing that I think has made this process much clearer in the past few weeks came from my asking Christin to provide me with samples of published authors within our genre/classification whose writing style she enjoys reading and would like to emulate.  She gave me a specific example, which I have been reading, and which will make the editing process much smoother for both of us.

So, Christin has her homework and a few pages of notes to refer to, and I get to wait with anticipation for the next rewrite.

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