Friday, July 12, 2013

Laptop 9-1-1

I've had this problem before with my laptop.  Apparently I use it too much.  Or too aggressively.  Or don't store it properly.  I don't know, honestly, what the problem is.  Regardless, I took it in last year for exactly the same problem, and they fixed it (actually rebuilt it).  But, that was back when it was still under warranty.  Now it's not.

Cracked.  Again.

Well, it's falling apart again.  The goop you see on the side is the remains of my previous attempt to stem the tide of destruction with duct tape.  That only works for so long, then the glue starts slipping and the thing is popping open again.  So, time for more duct tape.

Duct tape to the rescue.

Once it's trimmed down, it doesn't look that bad.  Right?

Good as new!  Right?

I think my laptop's traveling days are over.

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