Sunday, July 14, 2013

Retreat Companions

Before my "Retreat Oops" yesterday sank in, I went down to the blueberry patch to do some picking.

Prettiness on the way to the patch...

Blackberries on the way to the patch

I'd never picked blueberries before, (yes, I know, "Where have you been all your life?"), and Kit and the boys were away for the day, so I was kind of on my own.  But, Kit had assured me there wasn't much to it, explained basically what to do, and trusted me to figure it out.  Which I pretty much did.

Reaching under the bird netting to snag berries

There are four different varieties of berries, each fruiting at a slightly different time.  So, some bushes had bunches of berries to pick, some only had a few, and some had basket-loads waiting to ripen.

Later-fruiting berries

I spent almost and hour and a half picking, and by the time I was finished there was a very large bowlful sitting on the kitchen table.

This isn't the large bowlful; it's the bowl that was too small

Around the time I finished showering after my exertions (it was hot and muggy and buggy, and I, naturally, was picking in my PJ's), my Oops made it's appearance.  Damn.  So, I wrapped up what I was working on, and went for a walk.

Accidental picture of my Sky Companion

Puppy Companion, Gypsy

Flower Companions on the dock

Geese Companions on the lake

Toad Companion

Kitty Companion, Electra, back at the house

Flowers in the kitchen

Today was much easier to stay in Retreat Mode, since my right hand stopped working last night.  A soreness and ache in my ring finger in the evening turned into restricted movement by night, and by about 6:00 am I was in enough pain I needed some Advil.  Doing a bit of research, it looks like a repetitive stress injury similar to carpal tunnel syndrome.  So, complete rest for the day and night.  Image that on a Retreat ;)

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