Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Garden Log 1

"I must confess, I quite like a tidy, organized garden." - Me

A long days work.

It was a perfect day for gardening. Sunny in the morning, warm but not too hot, and overcast all afternoon.

After about three hours of prep work yesterday in my kitchen garden (primarily herbs), I had uncovered several surviving herbs and had space to plant the bucketloads of plants Papa Bear brought home from Ace Hardware. I had requested he bring back some garden markers and one basil plant. I got quite a bit more.

Surviving from last year were two patches of chives, two parsley, an oregano, and possibly one sage. Today I added three cilantro (I haven’t been able to find cilantro in previous years, and need lots for my Fresh Avocado Salsa), an oregano, variegated thyme, rosemary, sage, basil seeds, and sixteen little lettuces. I fed the survivors with compost, and tucked the whole bunch in with about an inch or more of cypress mulch to deter weeds, keep the soil moist, and further feed the soil.

Garden Fairie flaunting for the new herbs and lettuces.

We’ve got a start on a strawberry patch. Three plants for now, also deeply mulched with cypress. I think they prefer straw, but I just used what I had on hand.

The new strawberry patch.

I also popped the mint into a pot. Planting mint directly in the ground is bad juju unless all you want in your garden is mint. Last night I made a very nice middle eastern salad that included mint, and I really liked the unique taste. I’ll be adding mint to more salads in the future.

We’ve also got bulbs pushing up. I cleared the soil around them, composted, and mulched, and will wait to see what they turn out to be. This year I SWEAR I’m going to identify and mark all of them, so I’ll know where to expect what next spring.

Mystery bulbs.

Oh, and I fenced off a small section for BooBoo so he has his own garden. The emphasis being on HIS garden, in direct contrast to MY garden. I’ve know it for years, but I’m really not the mellow, sharing everything, whatever grows grows sort of garden mom. I need my space. MY space. And, I’m probably over-invested in having my garden look like I want it to look, and produce what I want it to produce. Maybe someday I’ll get over that, but probably not this season. In the meantime, I’m not very generous about sharing space, soil, materials or tools. Bad Mommy.

BooBoo's patch of soil.

Up next, Papa Bear’s got four very large tomatoes to plant. We’ve been told it’s too early, never to plant before Easter because we’ll have another freeze, but he’s eager. For my part, I’ve got a few more hours’ work to finish clearing out the front walk planter, uncover what’s there, and mulch. Then, on to the mailbox planter, which has bulbs set to bloom. For tonight, by back is sore, my body is worn out, and I desperately need a bath. But, I am content.

Dirty gardening Hobbits'z feet...and winter toes.

Foot freedom after a long winter totally rocks.

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