Thursday, March 25, 2010

Unicoi State Park Day Two

We all slept well (even me), got up to a chilly morning, and Brother Bear took charge of cooking up a pancake breakfast for everyone. Shortly after breakfast came Injury Number One. While building a dam with rocks in the stream, there was an incident involving a rock slipping out of someone’s hand onto someone else’s hand and deeply cutting a finger. The latter someone was taken to the emergency room (about ½ hour away) for eight stitches and some goofy juice. But, I’ll let Kit tell you all about that.

In the meantime, back at camp, it rained. Kit and Billy, being the expert campers they are, had brought along and set up appropriate coverage over the picnic table areas. It was a nice excuse to hang out at camp and relax. Also, Papa Bear took the Cubs down to the camp store and got them hiking sticks.

For dinner we combined forces for a Low Country Boil. It was a first time for us. Yummy and fun food.

Lessons from Day Two:
• We need a better First Aid kit, and don’t count on the little camp store having anything more than Band Aids and peroxide.
• Try using pearl onions for the Low Country Boil.

Stay tuned for Day Three...

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  1. Hope the patient is feeling better! Nothing like a deep gash to liven up the day. Thanks for the tip about fire fuel ... we only managed a smoke signal after a dewy night.