Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring Surprise

It was a spectacularly beautiful day. One of those when I can’t stand not to throw all of the doors and windows open to let the air and sunshine in, and can’t stand to have study time in the family room but must bolt for the back deck swing. And, stepping out the front door, I noticed my quiet little garden, still all tucked into its fall blanket of leaves. Waiting. With little green bits poking from under the leaves here and there. Sweet. Just couldn’t bring myself to go back inside without investigating, pulling back a few leaves here and there, to see what I could see. I took pictures, grabbed the sunscreen, sunhat, gloves and hand tools, and went to work.

Parsley snuggled in her winter bed of fall leaves.

And also Chives....surprise!

Parsley revealed....

I’d noticed the parsley several weeks earlier, just before the last snow (and thought “I ought to take a picture of the parsley in the snow,” but never got around to it). I really didn’t think anything at all had survived the number of hard freezes we had this winter, plus the snows. But, there it was. Parsley. In my little neglected kitchen garden. Crazy, huh? But, I wasn’t really expecting anything else to have survived. And, I was wrong. Two bunches of parsley, two patches of chives, and a tangle of Greek oregano (though it was looking pretty coarse). I don’t think the marjoram made it, (though I cut it back along with the oregano and parsley just in case), but that wouldn’t be too dear a loss, since I never cook with it. Have no idea why I plant it every year. I guess I just keep thinking someday I’ll come across some use for marjoram. There’s no sign of the tomatoes and peppers except leaf-filled depressions in the soil where they used to be. Gave myself a bit of a start digging into one of those depressions that looked like it might be a critter hole, remembering the copper head snake that bit Papa Bear last year. But, the worst I found in there were a couple of snails lying in wait to slo-mo pounce on my surviving herbs. The snails are heading to the compost, along with all of the fall leaves which so faithfully served my kitchen garden through winter, and the weeds that have not yet had the opportunity to take over (but would if my laziness let them).

Kitchen Garden laid bare.

Kitchen Garden after last Spring planting.

Garden Fairie flaunting for Spring.

My friend, Em, is coming in a bit with her daughter. She called to say the day was so beautiful she couldn’t bear to stay home, she just had to get out and play outside with friends today. I’ll do a little more clearing up in the garden, share some suntea with Em, dump a few loads into the compost, and maybe even mulch a little here and there. Gotta get my companion flowers planted soon, before the weeds have a chance to take hold and take over. Won’t it be lovely? Cosmos and marigolds and nasturtiums all cuddled up among the herbs? Sigh.

And, to think, just this morning I was so terribly depressed I could scarce drag myself out of bed. It has evaporated in the sun and fresh air, leaving only hope and joy and loveliness. I adore Spring…..


  1. We had overcast skies, hail and COLD today. Yesterday, I wore out my back digging, weeding, transplanting in the garden. It was sunny and warm. Today would have been miserable if yesterday weren't so glorious. Getting into the dirt prepping for Spring and Summer gardening is just about the best way I can spend my days this time of year!


  2. I know I'm tempting the fates. I've been told by Those Who Know (neighbors who've been here 20+ years) that we ALWAYS have One Last Frost sometime in April....or May....and it most often kills off everything you planted in March. I just can't seem to get off California Planting Time... Besides, I REALLY needed to dig in the dirt and sunshine :)