Friday, March 19, 2010

Garden Log 2

Finally, back into the garden today. A beautiful day, almost too beautiful to do anything other than lay under a tree and dream all day (I actually napped in Popper for a couple of hours this afternoon, listening to the birds, before hitting the garden). Planted two more strawberries in our little “patch”, mulched everything left needing mulching, fed Little Tree, and trimmed and fed My Poor Roses. I had 11 absolutely beautiful roses at our house in CA; here I have three poor, pathetic little bunches of twigs sticking out of the ground that occasionally toss out a bloom here or there. (sigh) Very sad.

The survivor chives have shot up, and I haven’t lost anything I planted previously. Which is good. Most of the mystery bulbs are blooming, or beginning to bloom, so I can ID them pretty soon. Can’t wait for the daylilies and irises to show.

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