Saturday, March 20, 2010

Garden Log 3

Another perfect day for gardening...

BooBoo planting more stuff in his garden.

Papa Bear got the rest of the tomatoes planted, and cleared out, leveled and mulched the bed. Since he was running to Ace for a tomato cage and mulch, I asked Papa Bear to pick up some flower seeds. He brought back two more strawberries, packs of lettuces, spinach, cabbage, and red onion, and flower seeds. And mulch and a tomato cage. Gotta love him. So, I had a little more planting than I had planned to do today. But, whatever.

The expanded (again) strawberry patc.
Not sure why we have to have the crane in there...
I got everything in except the cabbage, ‘cause I gotta check my book (which is with Em) about where the cabbages need to go. I’m pretty sure I remember not to put them with the tomatoes, so I didn’t put them there. All that’s left now is to add flower seeds to complete the herb and tomato gardens. I’ve got marigold, three colors of alyssum and two of nasturtium. Those, plus a few more onion and basil, and everybody should be happy.

BTW, the reason I plant flowers in with my herbs and tomatoes is to provide the beneficial insects with shelter and food. They lay in wait under the alyssum until a pesky insect comes along, then they jump out and eat ‘em. Don’t need pesticides that way, and you can have a lovely little miniature eco-system right in your garden. Cool, huh?

The tomato garden, with lettuce, spinach and red onion.

I also planted the topsy turvey’s. Yep, Papa Bear bought four of “those things” last year. The plants didn’t fare too well, mostly, I think, due to lack of water. They were hung too high for the kids or I to water them, so they were dependent on Papa Bear’s reach for survival. This year, he got extension chains, so they’re hanging low enough I can reach them. Two tomatoes and two peppers.

Looks like rain tomorrow. Just in time to water our gardens. Perfect.

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  1. well, i hope there won't be a cold snap!

    we are still planning over here and just getting to the weeding and prep and mowing the grass. you are WAY ahead.

    looks lovely over there!