Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cross-Country Tour - Preparations

Car Bag; camera, water bottles, cami pack (with Pod kit), emergency D-kit, SPIBelt (with test kit and glocuse), and the Omnipotent OmniPod PDM.

T-Bear’s Study Bag; don’t forget Rufus

Two week’s refrigerated food in the Gianormous Cooler.

Smaller frozen food cooler not depicted.

Don't forget the insulin. And don't let it freeze on top of all that ice!

Medical box: hopefully a month’s supply of Pods and test strips, plus swabs, Tagemet (a new expriment in Pod preservation), and a wrap; and inhalers for Brother Bear and Banana Bear. We seem more sickly than we are…

Believe it or not, two week’s supply of dry-and-canned-goods fit into Popper’s bench storage, plus three plastic storage bins. One gianormous cooler for the refrigerated stuff, and one normal sized cooler for the frozen stuff packed with dry ice. Papa Bear’s coffee-roasting operation got its own bin.

We’ve got dedicated snack boxes, one dry and one sitting in the top of the cooler, both easily accessible by the kids in the back. Papa Bear’s got his giant coffee decanter that will keep fresh-brewed coffee hot for eight hours. Each kid (and Mama Bear) has their own study bag to keep them occupied in the car. Three boxes of Dramamine in the glove box, along with some wrist bands.
I think we're ready....


  1. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!
    That's a lot of stuff!!
    Update me when you can on the pod preservation!!


  2. That looks WAAAY more organized than my usual packing style! LOL. Those study bags look inviting. I'd love a few hours with a good study bag.