Friday, July 16, 2010

Tour of America - Day Six

Up early for a shower and some writing. Since the PDM was not going off every few hours, I actually slept through the night, and T-Bear’s morning BG was right on target (go figure). Another breakfast at the Pancake Tent (yum!). Then packed up and go!

We stopped off long enough at our cell-reception site for me to get on line and order syringes to be picked up at the Walgreens near our hotel in Billings, and to leave a message with our Pediatric Endocrinologist requesting a prescription order for test strips to be called into the same Walgreens. Bless ‘em, they had it all arranged within a couple of hours. Unfortunately the test strips were not eligible to be covered by our insurance for another week or so, but the pharmacist was kind enough to set aside a box for us to purchase retail (ouch).

Leaving South Dakota, we passed very briefly through Wyoming and saw some antelope along Highway 212 passing through a wire fence.

Then into Montana. The first few hours of Montana were mostly grasslands...

(the flowers BooBoo was watering)

...then we began moving up into the mountains.

On the other side of the hill, we pulled into a gas station for a conference call and SUV-made lunch.

A few more hours, and we pulled into the Residence Inn in Billings, Montana, dropped Popper in the parking lot, and noticed a horrible gas smell coming from the truck. Shoot. That’ll need to be checked out very soon. Papa and Cubs ordered pizza and hung out at pool while I picked up D-supplies at the pharmacy. After dinner, the kids watched the cooking channel, Papa Bear watched a movie, Mama Bear posted pix (yay!). Then off to bed we all went.

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  1. Our country sure is purdy! be careful & keep having fun!