Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tour of America - Day Twenty One

K and T came and treated everyone to a wonderful French toast breakfast, after which we started packing up. Uncle L took lots of pictures of everyone before we hitched up Popper and pulled out.

Before leaving Agua Dulce, we pulled into the Vasquez Rocks Regional Park to gawk at the rock formations which have been featured in many Hollywood movies.

Then, down the hill toward the valley. Papa Bear got to indulge a little nostalgia listening to KLOS, and “in town” we stopped off at a family favorite for lunch.

The entire building is designed after a chalet in the Yukon, complete with (artificial) snow on the roof.

Boys and snow shoes.
Probably a good thing there was no real snow.

The best part of eating here is....

...the peanut snacks with permission to be as messy as you like. The boys loved that.

The Cubs all had their first Shirley Temples (which BooBoo later dubbed "Cherry Palace").

After a satisfying lunch.

A hop, skip and a jump later, we were at our hotel where we met up with family friends for swimming, dinner and catching up, and Banana Bear rejoined us after a few days spent with her mom and friends.

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