Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tour of America - Day Fifteen

After packing up camp in record time, trying to ID and fix an electrical problem, we fled from the flies and zipped back down the mountain, much to the digestive distress of two of the kids (yes, a barf bag was involved). We did pause long enough to appreciate the incredible view from above the clouds.

Flat land yielded a very nice breakfast spot, Cedar House in Hollister. The kids were all over the all-you-can-eat breakfast-and-lunch buffet, the food was great, and the service was wonderful. If you’re ever in the area, it’s worth dropping in for a bite to eat. And, in the parking lot Papa Bear was able to figure out the electrical problem, which turned out to be a fuse.

We had to forego our daily Rush song, as Papa Bear had inadvertently dunked his iPod in the Rogue River; we settled for selections on Mama Bear’s iPod (including Doctor Dimento) to fill the drive time.

We passed by St Luis Reservoir on our way to Porterville (yes, it is very low).

And driving through the valley we were reminded of the difference between cattle ranches where the animals are out in fields grazing, and feed lots where they’re all confined in a tiny area and stand around in their own poo and pee all day. The smell was so vile a couple of us were gagging as we drove by.

We pulled into Auntie K’s place mid-afternoon, and the kids immediately settled in with their auntie. She had more help in the kitchen than she knew what to do with, and “Autnie K’s Kitchen” was open for business by dinnertime. After dinner and the kids settled in for the night, it was the two old-time girlfriends up into the wee hours catching up.

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